Ronnit Vasserman with Barry Frylender
Ronnit Vasserman with Barry Frylender

Art Connect Group is a full service art consulting firm located in New York.  Ronnit Vasserman is the founder of the firm.  She has a degree in Fine Arts and Art History.  She has worked for many years for Investment Banks including Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch.  After a successful career in investment banking she now  dedicates her time to her favorite asset class, art.

ACG works with novices, seasoned  collectors, corporations, architects and designers to provide the best service in art acquisitions.

We provide a personalized service, educating and navigating clients through the complexities of the art world.  Each client has different objectives and requirements.  We are able to work with any space or budget.

We are able to assist our clients throughout the entire cycle of acquiring a work of art. Finding the art, measuring the space, negotiate pricing, framing, delivering and installing the work.




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