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TRIBECA - New York’s Hottest Gallery District

Tribeca is the new art epicenter of NYC. Enjoy viewing works by leading contemporary artists inside architecturally captivating spaces.

Bushwick Art Excursion: An Art Scene Grows in Brooklyn

Forget museums and galleries, view the best street art in Bushwick, once a no mans land today an important street art destination.

Fashionable Upper East Side Gallery Visits

Enjoy the best art the Upper East Side galleries have to offer. This is a more intimate art experience that includes unique spaces such as art galleries that repurposed elegant townhouses.

Green-Wood Cemetery

A Creepy and Cool art tour in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. This tour will focus on the art and architecture of this historic landmark. 

Bowery Boogie: Downtown Art Scene

Learn how the LES transformed from a slum to a fashionable art hub. Immigrants have been replaced with hipsters and pickle stands for art galleries.

Greenpoint Art Excursion: North Brooklyn Renaissance

Spend a few hours exploring the Greenpoint art scene. We will mostly be visiting artist studios and who knows maybe we will meet the next big art star.


Get hooked on the Red Hook art scene.  Feel like a tourist in your own city as we explore this waterfront art community. Some of the artist studios are in Civil War era buildings that used to store grain which reminds us of the important trade history.


Calling all art lovers to explore the LIC art scene, the largest concentration of art outside of Manhattan.

Mana Contemporary

Visit Mana Contemporary dubbed Disney land for art lovers

 Hamptons Art Excursion

Join us in the Hamptons for a picnic and 3 private tours. This excursion typically includes the following destinations, the LongHouse Reserve, Lieber Collection, Parrish Museum or Pollock-Krasner House

Miami Art Week

No stone will be left unturned during this multi-day art trip to Miami during Art Week

Chelsea High Line and Hudson Yards Tour

This is better than a spa day! You will view fabulous art and burn at least 500 calories

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