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Francesca Woodman


American female photographer, best known for her boundless experimentation with capturing her own body and sometimes others within a haunting black and white space. Despite her brief career which abruptly ended in 1981 at the young age of 22 by jumping to her death her artistic output consisted of over 800 images.


Her work continues to inspire and receive much curatorial attention both within the United States and abroad. Her photographs explore many issues pertaining to youth such as relationships, sexuality, body image, alienation and identity.  This lecture will also focus on viewing her work from a feminist perspective and Woodman’s reclamation of her body and her flirtations with eroticism within her work. We will also delve into her relationship with her then-boyfriend, Benjamin Moore and the emotional impact on her work as well as the influence of being raised in a household of artists.


Francesca Woodman’s artwork is imaginative and captivating and explores feminism, identity and pushed the boundaries of what is possible with capturing reality with a camera.  This lecture will leave you wondering how her practice would've evolved had she not committed suicide at the tender age of 22.

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